Based in London, UK


Founded in 2013 by Jemella Binns, Mellz Photography specialises in Portrait and Wedding Photography.



"A Photograph is not just a photograph; it's printed documentation of our growth and existence"


Head photographer Jemella Binns - known as Mellz, has been shooting for 10 years, graduating with a first class degree in BA Photography in 2013. Since then, her work has been published in the BBC, Independent, Metro, and The Voice.

With Mellz coming from a big family, she fell in love with all the physical photographs that her mum had captured over the years of family gatherings in that special family picture box. In that box holds her family history, their story.  Before the digital world, we had film, where every photograph got developed, our future generations will be able to see our moments of how we dressed but now we live in a digital world where our photographs live on our phones, social media, usb or cd.


But how long will that last?.

Mellz has now made it her passion to be a product based photographer. She has a passion for beautifully printing her client's photographs in a variety of ways that they and their family will cherish not just for right now but also for future generations to come.


Mellz takes pride in documenting her clients at all stages of their life's. From their baby bump to the precious newborn days after birth, the beautiful milestones in-between of smiling and sitting up unaided to their first birthday, she will be there to capture the precious memories of it all. 


To add to her services, Mellz also covers events such as Christenings, Birthday Parties, and Weddings.


She appreciates the story of an event and aims to capture these stories in the images that are taken. Whether it be the laughter or the embarrassing dance moves, the first moments of saying 'I do' or that special moment of blowing out the birthday cake as you reach a new milestone, she will be there to capture it all.

Exist In Print

"A photograph is not just a photograph; it is a documentation of our existence."

Here at Mellz Photography, we are a product based photography company. We don't create beautiful images to live on a USB or CD.  We create image's to be printed beautifully to last for generations that you would be proud to display in your home.