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Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Happy New Year Everyone, I'm Back!

I am back to blogging and this one is a special one. As photographers, we work by ourselves and things can get lonely, but joining communities such as UKBFTOG and community of Uk Black Female Photographers give you a sense of belonging. One of the members in the Group - Tianna J Williams Photography, suggested we do our own photography project that has been going around called 'The Travelling Dress' where we all photograph one dress at different times in our own style and #TheSisterhoodOfTheTravellingDress was born.

10 Ladies stepped up to the challenge including me. We created a Facebook group so that we could discuss the style of dress we would want to purchase and we chose to photograph a dress in an Ankara print so we found a tailor Tendai Collections, discussed the style and then the project really began.

At first, I had no idea who I was going to photograph in the dress but then I reviewed my diary and thought about what client I could possibly capture in it. I had a Maternity Glam Mum Session and thought jackpot, this is perfect!

Here are my two photographers of the first travelling dress ' The Ankara Travelling Dress':

The Travelling Dress © Mellz Photography LTD 2020

The Travelling Dress © Mellz Photography LTD 2020

What I loved most about the dress was the sleeves and the split so I had to make sure that they were both seen in both portraits.

Thank you to my team on the day...

Makeup by: Your Host Lala

Jewellery provided by: Neicey's Jewels

Dress by: Tendai Collections

As part of the project, each of us links you to the next photographer. So today I'm linking you to the lovely Kica Photography.

1 Dress, 10 Photographers, Here are the Uk Black Female Photographers that took part:

La Creativity

Lensi Photography

Tianna J- Williams Photography

Pause Push Click

Urban Bridesmaids

Julietta Arden Taylor Photography

Toyin Photography

Pataki Photos

I really enjoyed this project and for sure will do another one and maybe this time I will do an outdoor session. The ideas are flowing already!

Thank you for reading guys!

Mellz xxx

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